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Carnival 2008
The activities related to carnival 2008 begin with the dancing competitions to be held on Friday, 1 February at 6pm in Freedom Square, Valletta and come to a close on Tuesday 5 February with a Grand Défilé in Freedom Square at 4pm and a Grand Finale at 6.30pm in St Anne’s Street. The first carnival celebration in Malta was held in 1535, when Pietro del Ponte was Grand Master. There was a time when carnival used to be organised in the three cities which form part of Cottonera where one could find people of all ages dressed up and wearing masks. But nowadays, the official celebrations take place in Valletta and Victoria in Gozo. The carnival activities would not be possible if it was not for the dedication of scores of people and artists who build the floats, grotesque masks and costumes for the dance companies. Carnival has always been a characteristic of national life for hundreds of years. It is part of tradition, folklore and culture, fun for children, youths and adults as well as a parody of reality. Come and enjoy!
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