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Caravaggio for children
Caravaggio’s art has been made accessible to children through an interactive tour and lecture by Heritage Malta.

The tour was devised and conducted by Trevor Borg, heritage Malta's education executive, and took children around the Caravaggio exhibition at the Archaeology Museum, explaining the artefacts on display and their links to Caravaggio's paintings.

Children also got to participate in a hands-on experience with a leading art teacher and, at the end of the tour, they were given a workbook encouraging them to draw and play about with colours.

“We are trying to put Caravaggio in a context for children. We are packed with school visits and the children enjoy it. They are intrigued to see real suits of armour worn by grandmasters and things they had heard about but never seen, as well as others they never knew existed,” Mr Borg said when quoted in The Times.
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