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Valletta discussed in Brussels

Valletta will be discussed in Brussels as part of the Support for Cities Initiative
Valletta will be one of the topics discussed during a conference organised in Brussels as part of the URBACT Programme that aims to develop exchanges of experience between European cities.

URBACT, a Community Initiative Programme, facilitates the networking between cities from all the European Union's member states with the aim to draw lessons from the analysis of their experiences and policies implemented
locally and propose innovative approaches to any difficult issues. It also aims to disseminate the experiences in those different areas and the lessons learnt.

The Support for Cities Initiative, that forms part of the URBACT Programme, has been conducted between September 2006 and June 2007, involving 43 cities across eight EU member states, and 31 external experts from across Europe in order to work individually with the cities to provide support on developing integrated urban projects or strategies around a range of problems identified by the cities.

With a view to make a summary of the implementation of this initiative, a conference will be held in Brussels on October 18. Within the successful projects selected one city for each of the eight member states participating - Bulgaria, Poland, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Hungary and Sweden - have been chosen to present their experience together with the related experts who worked on the project.

Malta will be contributing by offering an assessment and options’ report for Valletta. The report was compiled by expert Paulius Kulikauskas and a working group made of Valletta Mayor Paul Borg Olivier and Jose Abela from the Valletta Local Council and Malcolm Borg and Rafael Orsini from the Ministry of Urban Development and Roads.

The report aims at presenting an assessment of the multi-disciplinary environment that sets the stage for Valletta's revitalization with a view to establish the prerequisites for a series of goals that will be outlined in detail during the conference. For more information visit http://urbact.eu/.
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