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Valletta Community Centre to be opened
A Valletta Community Centre is expected to be set up by the end of the year with the aim to create a one-stop shop for Valletta residents with social problems.

As the capital undergoes, what had been termed as a physical and cultural regeneration, the Valletta local council is working to ensure that the existing social problems in the area are not ignored. For this reason, about a year ago, the Valletta Community Network was set up to bring together all the local stake holders, NGOs and parishes to identify such issues within the local community.

Then, in April a community agreement was signed by the Valletta local council and Appogg agency, formalising a service that has already been provided by a community worker in the locality for a year. The community worker has identified issues concerning the elderly, drugs and unemployment and will help by channelling the problems to the right place.

The community centre, which should incorporate the Employment and Training Corporation, Appogg, the Housing Authority and services for persons with disabilities, would try to understand the root of problems and determine how to solve them.

In line with Europe1's and the government's policy to integrate and personalise services, establishing them within the community, a historical building will be refurbished to serve as the local community centre, gathering under one roof a broad spectrum of government entities and services.

“The idea is to have a centre whereby you have the national agencies coming down at a local level, working with the Valletta local council as the majority stakeholder, as through the Valletta Community Network we know the people and their concerns,” Valletta Mayor Paul Borg Olivier said.
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