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Railings removed from Castille
The railings outside Auberge de Castille in Valletta, that houses the office of the Prime Minister, have recently been removed.

Their removal was part of the improvements being made to the area and, as reported in The Times, the railings have been stored.

Initially it was planned that the trees nearby would be uprooted but following objections from the public the decision was reversed.

As reported in the local daily newspaper the structure had strong sentimental value and carried memories of students who, in 1977, had chained themselves to the railings as they protested against the Labour government's policy of keeping the medical school closed.

Before the 1900s, Auberge de Castille had wooden railings but old postcards from the early 1900s show it without any railings. They must have been put in place soon after, as photos taken in 1915 show them already in place.

The interior of the Auberge de Castille was damaged by enemy action in 1942 and German prisoners of war helped to restore the first floor and main staircase. An unsightly two-storey signalling station on the roof was demolished. Castille served as headquarters for the British forces until December 1970.
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