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Archived Event

Time:                 21:00

Venue:              MITP Theatre – Valletta

Tickets:             Free


Choreography Martine Pisani

Performers Theo Kooijman, Laurent Pichaud, Olivier Schram

Costume design La compagnie du solitaire

Technical manager Ludovic Rivière

Administration Lien Juttet


Sans is only based on the dancers presence in an empty and silent stage.

Focusing on modes of transition, the piece plays with notions of abrupt changes.

It could be about building a sequence of abrupt changes...‘What we are looking for is a way of "being" in a performance space when play behaviours are favoured rather than psychology or theatricalisation. In a performance, how much is true and how much is fake, how much is natural and how much is acting? In Sans a comical male trio delves into an encounter rather than theorization. No sets, no music, no dramatization. No psychologizing narrative. On a still and empty stage, the three men appear at the mercy of constant rebounds. Their story is quite droll: amidst withdrawals, hesitations and faux pas, they seem to be facing up to a chain of ruptures… unless they are performing a series of transitions.’

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