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2010 Valletta Chinese Spring Festival
From: 8/2/2010 To: 9/2/2010

Valletta will once again host spectacular Chinese cultural and artistic presentations on February 8 and 9 as the Chinese Spring Festival draws nearer.  China Cultural Centre and Valletta Local Council will join forces in presenting the 4th edition of the events entitled 2010 Valletta Chinese Spring Festival to share the joy and happiness of the Chinese New Year of Tiger on the lunar calendar of 2010. 

On Monday, February 8 at 10:30am, a group of 30 artists from the most prestigious cultural entities in China, such as China National Acrobatic Troupe, Beijing Dance Academy and China Opera and Dance-Drama Company in China’s capital city Beijing will be officially kicking off the 2010 Valletta Chinese Spring Festival with an opening performance featuring a grand celebration of the Chinese performing arts at the newly renovated St. George’s Square. It will then be followed by fancy parade along the Republic Street, Merchants Street and at the Upper Barrakka Garden. It will be an opportunity that cannot afford to be missed as lion dance, Chinese acrobatic stunts, changing faces skill, puppetry, Chinese classical dance and dazzling costumes will definitely be a feast for the eyes. 
On Tuesday, February 9 at 8:00pm, the artists will proudly present at the Mediterranean Conference Centre the crème of China’s performing arts, such as acrobatics, martial arts, Chinese classical dance and music etc. Among the most highlighted programmes includes “Balancing on Single Hand”, the once Golden Award winning acrobatic programme at the International Juvenile Art Festival in Italy, and Chinese Kungfu programmes where one can marvel through the jaw-dropping stunts and amazing presentations of various disciplines of Chinese martial arts at the mystical power and strength human beings are capable of possessing.  
2010 Valletta Chinese Spring Festival marks the 4th of its kind after the huge successes in the previous years. Tickets for MCC performance can be purchased from MCC through tel: 25595750    or online booking at www.mcc.com.mt.

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