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Archived Event
La Capitale In Chiaroscuro
From: 3/10/2009 To: 10/5/2010


A photographic exhibition about the hidden treasures of Valletta.

All 21 photographs in this exhibition focus on the areas in Valletta that are usually full of activity and hectic during the day but calm down during the night.  And here is where the magnificence of this city lushes out in silence.  When I was a kid I used to run from one street to another with my grandparents and wondered who had ever built such a fortress, such a place that looked boundless to me those days.

During most of my visits to this city I discovered her hidden secrets of the past, the strongholds that kept Valletta what it is today.  In due course I also discovered that time has not spared her lusciousness, her strength, and there is where I wanted to contribute.  I wanted to bring out what many might ignore during the day, the architecture that has survived several years, the many facets that the city still enjoys.

The exhibition is being held at:

Omerta Trattoria & Wine Bar
92, Old Bakery Street,

For more information visit: www.rchircop.com

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