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Egg Art Course
From: 1/10/2009 To: 30/10/2009

People interested in arts and crafts are always on the lookout for new materials to express their creative touch.  Many potential materials are just within our reach, possibly in our kitchen!  An example of a highly interesting material is the humble egg shell.  Perhaps the most famous Easter eggs are those made by Carl Faberge for the Russian Tsars.  The Faberge eggs were made out of precious materials and contained beautiful surprises representing important phases of the imperial family life.  Faberge eggs are an inspiration to today’s egg artists.  Contrary to Faberge who crafted the imperial eggs out of artificial materials, contemporary egg artists use real egg shells to create wonderful art projects including painted, carved and eggs decorated with filigrees and jewellery.

The Malta Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce is organizing an introductory course in Egg Art; an art form that is relatively new to Malta.  Students will be introduced to different types of egg art as well as to the different types of egg shells available for this craft. Students will be lectured in how to empty egg shells, mark them accurately, and cut them in different styles and how to decorate egg shells to create various projects.  The course would enable students to start with a plain egg shell and finish with a decorated work of art in the style of Faberge. The skills learned in this course would enable students to embark on other more ambitious projects.  In the world of egg art the artist’s imagination is the only limitation.

Application Forms and more details on the course may be obtained from the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Palazzo de La Salle 219 Republic Street, Valletta, Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 1.00pm. Tel: 21244339 – 21244400, email: [email protected] – website: www.artsmalta.org

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