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Europe’s Smallest Capital City in the Heart of the deep Blue Mediterranean Sea, Valletta is a Dynamic City which has never ceased to change and move forward, retaining its original beauty and splendor.

Valletta is the designer city of the 16th Century built straight from the drawing-board of three men, a Political Leader and Head of the Order of the Knights, Jean Parisot de la Valette, a warrior engineer Francesco Laparelli, and a Maltese Architect, Girolamo Cassar. Valletta is one of Europe’s most sophisticated micro cities with an intense concentration of baroque architecture and a defense line of Fortifications that is second to non.

Valletta and its Harbours have always responded to the dynamics of time and change. From a Maritime SuperCity of the 17th Century Valletta developed into a Cultural and Commercial Hub in the 18th Century, becoming yet again the strongest Naval Base in the Mediterranean during the 19th and mid-20th Century.

Valletta and its harbours developed from a Port of War to a Port of Peace and from a Port of Heavy Industry to a Port of Culture and Tourism. Valletta is considered to be one of the finest harbours in the World and a unique experience to all seafarers and passengers sailing on the luxury yachts and liners.

Valletta is a city rich in cultural tradition. Compared to other older cities in Europe, Valletta is only 440 Years young, yet it has the stature, history and profile similar to its sister Capitals of Europe, proud of being a World Heritage City. 

Valletta is no fossilized crib, but a dynamic cultural and commercial hub full of activity, and an attraction to all.

Together with my Council, we strive to make Valletta a unique living experience, aiming towards a better quality of life based on a safer and healthier environment, with an inproved transport system and infrastructure. We do our best to have a City with an open mind and outgoing Administration, a City fit for work and leisure, for the younger generation as well as for our senior citizens, easy to do businress in and above all an enjoyable tourist experience.

It is up to us all to carry Valletta to future generations with greatest respect to those who built and shaped the City and its history. 

Prof. Alexiei Dingli 

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