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The city administration functions through a council of seven members elected by the registered voters living in the city. The council is headed by the mayor, the political head of the city government. The post is awarded to the councillor voted in with the highest number of votes from the political grouping, which has the majority of seats.

The executive secretary, the financial head of the council is appointed by the council and heads the administrative office.

The majority of councillors in the Valletta Local Council is currently held by the Nationalist Party (affiliated to the European People’s Party), while the rest  is made up of members elected on the ticket of the Malta Labour Party (affiliated to the European Socialists).

Most issues discussed in council are approved and carried by consensus across the political groupings.

Mayor               Dr. Alexiei Dingli Ph.D
Vice Mayor        Mr. Chris Micallef           

Councillors        Mr. Norman Shaw
                       Mr. Raymond Attard
                       Mr. Vincent Farrugia
                       Mr. Raymond Azzopardi
                       Mr. Vincent Fabri

Secretary CEO   Gabriella Aguis

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